Our values

Our values are the foundation of our culture and the measure by which we assess our performance.


At PSMA, we uphold the principles of freedom, respect, equality and dignity. These form the basis upon which we build open and honest relationship with our people, our customers and our community. We welcome diverse views without bias, and we respect feedback on our actions. We pursue productive, innovative and professional collaboration.


At PSMA, we are passionate about our purpose. We stand firm on the matters of principle that govern our work, and we act with integrity and determination to achieve our goals. We are resilient, with a future-focused and optimistic orientation.


At PSMA, we are agile and embrace change. We place high value on creativity and innovation and we are committed to strengthening our reputation for thought-leadership and excellence. We are proud of our ability to challenge the 'norm' and to allow the 'unorthodox' an opportunity to flourish without judgement. Our exceptionally talented people understand and respect risk while having the courage to be adventurous with ambiguity.


At PSMA, we are learning organisation, willing to continually update and develop our knowledge to drive our innovation, our operational effectiveness, and our approach to collaborating and problem solving with our customers and community. We personally invest in ourselves through continuous professional development and the mentoring relationships with our people.

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