Dan Paull is the CEO of PSMA Australia


Dan Paull is the CEO of PSMA Australia.

A self-confessed data nut, Dan is passionate about providing people, businesses and the economy access to Australia’s precious location data.

He’s focused on aligning PSMA’s business strategy with team values to create a solid culture.

Dan’s background

Dan has spent his entire working life in the geospatial industry. In addition to being the founding CEO of PSMA Australia – a position he has held since its inception in 2001 – he is also a founding member of the Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) GeoSpatial special interest group.

Dan’s collaborative approach and deep technical knowledge have kept PSMA Australia at the forefront of innovation in collecting, analysing, producing and applying location data globally.

This includes sharing data and technology with sister organisations around the world and negotiating politically sensitive matters like privacy and data security.

He began his career as a rural cadastral surveyor. He then moved to a national engineering firm, where his responsibilities included managing large-scale topographic, construction and engineering surveys, as well as geographic information systems infrastructure management and global positioning systems control, network analysis and adjustment.  

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