Capturing the built environment

Geoscape is a new initiative from PSMA that captures the observed built environment and anchors it in a reliable geospatial base. The dataset includes 3D building attributes, land cover and tree heights. Geoscape also captures features such as roof materials, swimming pools and solar panels.

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Australia at night from space

Geoscape evaluation data


Evaluation data from our Adelaide pilot now available for request...

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PSMA’s partner network

Corporate Publication

Our collaboration with a relatively small number of partners allows us share our data expertise with those organisations and enables them to multiply the impact our data has on the broader economy through their own distinctive commercial activities....

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PSMA Australia offers authoritative, national location datasets which underpin an ever-expanding range of business solutions and government services.

We're excited that the Australian Government has made our datasets G-NAF and Administrative Boundaries available under open data terms at

We're committed to making these datasets even better. If you have feedback regarding issues with an address, let us know.

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