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Why is there a fee associated with PSMA data?

Stakeholders in the Australian geospatial industry have often asked of PSMA Australia: “Why should users of PSMA data have to pay a fee for access, especially when the source data PSMA uses is available from government at no charge?”

G-NAF – yesterday, today and tomorrow

Published in Position Magazine, April edition, 2014

2014 marks the first decade of Australia’s Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) – a time during which this new benchmark for geocoded address accuracy has become widely accepted.

The year is 2004. Google launched Gmail, then Google Earth. In two years, Facebook will move to open registration and transform social communication. The iPhone is three years away. The first release of the iPad is yet six years away. It’s a leap year.

At Parliament House in Canberra, a selection of politicians and geospatial industry stakeholders assemble to mark the birth of something new – a Geocoded National Address File for Australia. They call this new thing ‘G-NAF’, and discuss the potential future applications of a world-leading processing methodology capable of building a quality assured national address index from ten diverse data sources.


Advancing Australia’s address management

Published in Position Magazine, August-September Edition 2012


Providing timely access to authoritative new addresses to better support business

Michael Dixon, Group Manager Products and Services, PSMA Australia


Including ‘location thinking’ in enterprise issue analysis and decision making activities

Dan Paull, Chief Executive Officer, PSMA Australia


Spatial Enablement: Including ‘Location’ in Your Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

GSDI13 Global Geospatial Conference 2012, Spatially Enabling Government, Industry and Citizens, Canada, 16 May 2012

Dan Paull

Disaster and Emergency Management

Real-time address management and the benefits for disaster and emergency management services

Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference, Brisbane, 18 April 2012

Dan Paull, Chief Executive Officer, PSMA Australia


The pioneering relationship between PSMA Australia and Eurogeographics: How these continental mapping agencies are enabling the spatial community

7th International Symposium on Digital Earth, Perth, Australia, August 2011

Dave Lovell, Executive Director, EuroGeographics

Dan Paull, Chief Executive Officer, PSMA Australia