Glossary and Terms


ACSA Association of Consulting Surveyors, Australia
ADR (Western Australian) Address Register
AEMC Australian Emergency Management Committee
AGCC Australian Global Navigation Satellite System Coordination Committee
AGRECON Agricultural Reconnaissance Technologies Pty Ltd
AGSO Australian Geological Survey Organisation (now Geoscience Australia)
AHS Australian Hydrographic Service
ALGA Australian Local Government Association
ANMDG Australian National Marine Data Group
ANZLIC The Spatial Information Council of Australia and New Zealand (formerly known as the Australia New Zealand Land Information Council)
ANZSM Australian & New Zealand Spatial Marketplace
APSDI Asia and the Pacific Spatial Data Infrastructure
APSEA Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Award
AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard
ASDD Australian Spatial Data Directory
ASDI Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure
ASDI DN ASDI Distribution Network
ASGC Australian Standard Geographical Classification (replaced by the ASGS Australia Statistical Geography Standard)
ASGS Australia Statistical Geography Standard (replacement for the ASGC Australian Standard Geographical Classification)
ASIBA Australian Spatial Information Business Association
ASIERA Australian Spatial Information Education and Research Association
AURIN Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network
AURISA Australasian Urban & Regional Information Systems Association
AUSLIG Australian Surveying and Land Information Group (now National Mapping Division, Geoscience Australia)
CD ISO Committee Draft
CGNA Committee for Geographical Names in Australasia
CORS Continuously Operating Reference Station (in relation to network GPS corrections)
CRC-SI Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information
DEM Digital Elevation Model
DIS ISO Draft International Standard
DPID Delivery Point Identifier (Australia Post)
DPS Data Product Specification
e-GIF Electronic Government Interoperability Framework
EICS Emergency Information Coordination System
EM/CT WG ANZLIC Emergency Management/Counter Terrorism Working Group
EMA Emergency Management Australia (now part of Attorney-General’s Department)
EMSINA Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia
ERIN Environmental Resources Information Network
ESCALUM Executive Steering Committee for Australian Land Use Mapping
ESCAVI Executive Steering Committee for Australian Vegetation Information
ESRI Environmental Research Systems Institute, Inc
FDIS ISO Final Draft International Standard
FGDC US Federal Geographic Data Committee
FIG International Federation of Surveyors
FOI Feature of Interest
FTP File Transfer Protocol
GA Geoscience Australia (formerly AUSLIG and AGSO)
GDA Geocentric Datum of Australia
GEIN Geospatial Emergency Information Network
GIRG Geospatial Information Reference Group
GIS Geographic Information System
GITA Geospatial Information & Technology Association
GML Geographic Markup Language
G-NAF Geocoded National Address File
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System (generic term for satellite based positioning and navigation systems)
GPS Global Positioning System (refers specifically to the US military system)
GSDI Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
GSDI TWG Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Technical Working Group
GT Geomatic Technologies
ICSM Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping (a Standing Committee of ANZLIC)
IDB Integrated Data Base
IDP Interoperability Demonstration Project
IDSC ANZLIC Industry Development Standing Committee
IEMSA Institution of Engineering & Mining Surveyors Australia Inc
IHO International Hydrographic Organisation
IOC Intergovernmental Oceans Commission
IPR Interoperability Program Report
IS ISO International Standard
ISA Institution of Surveyors, Australia
ISCGM International Steering Committee for Global Mapping
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISO/TC204 ISO Technical Committee on Transport information and control systems
ISO/TC211 ISO Technical Committee on Geographic information/Geomatics
IT-004 Standards Australia Committee for Geographical Information
JSC Joint Steering Committee (for the Spatial Information Industry; comprising ANLZIC, ASIBA, SSI and DITR)
LBS Location Based Services
LGIF Local Government Interoperability Framework
LGOSDAC Local Government Online Service Delivery Advisory Committee
LINZ Land Information New Zealand
LIST Land Information System Tasmania
MB Mesh Blocks
MDS MapData Services
NAMF National Address Management Framework
NAR National Address Register
NCTC WG National Counter Terrorism Committee Standing Working Group on Spatial Information
NWS (National Address Management Framework) Web Service
OGC Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (formerly OpenGIS Consortium)
OGC SIG Open Geospatial Consortium Special Interest Group (Australia)
OGC TC Open Geospatial Consortium Technical Committee
OGC-A Open Geospatial Consortium Australasia (a subsidiary of OGC)
OpenLS Open Location Service
OSP Office of Spatial Policy (formerly OSPD Office of Spatial Data Management)
OSTP US Office of Science and Technology Policy
OWS OGC Web Services
PAF Postal Address File (Australia Post)
PBBI Pitney Bowes Business Insight
PBS Pitney Bowes Software
PC IDEA Permanent Committee of the Spatial Data Infrastructure for America
PCGIAP The Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacific
PID Persistent Identifier
PMSEIC The Prime Minister’s Science Engineering & Innovation Council
POI Point of Interest
QGIS Quantum GIS (supplier)
QSIIC Queensland Spatial Information Infrastructure Council
QSIIS Queensland Spatial Information Infrastructure Strategy
RCL Road Centre Line
RSPAA Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Association of Australasia
RWG ICSM Roads Working Group
SCAR Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SDI Spatial Data Infrastructure
SDI SC ANZLIC Spatial Data Infrastructure Standing Committee
SDI TWG ANZLIC Spatial Data Infrastructure Technical Working Group
SDMG Spatial Data Management Group
SDPE Spatial Data Policy Executive
SIBA Spatial Industries Business Association
SIIAA Spatial Information Industry Action Agenda
SIX Spatial Information Exchange (NSW)
SLIP Shared Land Information Platform (WA)
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SPG ANZLIC Strategy and Policy Group
SSSI Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (peak professional association)
TMB ISO Technical Management Board
TMG ISO Terminology Maintenance Group
TOCG ISO TC211-OGC Coordination Group
TS ISO Technical Specification
UDEM Urban Digital Elevation Model
UML Unified Markup Language
UNGEGN United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names
UNRCC-AP United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Pacific
URISA Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
UUID Universal Unique Identifiers
VAR Value-Added Reseller
VMAS Victorian Mapping and Address Service
WALIS Western Australian Land Information System
WCS Web Coverage Server (an OGC standard)
WD ISO Working Draft
WEND Worldwide Electronic Navigational Database
WFS Web Feature Service (access to data about geographic features and information, an OGC standard)
WG-GGI SCAR Working Group on Geodesy and Geographic Information
WI ISO Work Item
WMS Web Mapping Service (transformation of data into a map as an image, an OGC standard)
WPS Web Processing Service (rules for standardising inputs and outputs for geospatial processing services such as polygon overlay, an OGC standard)
XML Extensible Markup Language