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Geomatic Technologies is one of Australia's leading providers of IT integrated solutions, information products and services.

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Geomatic Technologies (GT) is one of Australia's leading providers of IT integrated solutions, information products and services. With around 80% of business data having a location attribute (such as customer address lists, asset lists, inventory lists, office and branch locations, etc), the value of spatial information is increasingly important to every business, whether it has a 'spatial' focus or not. At GT, we understand that the right solutions and services are critical for delivering on organisational objectives.

With more than 20 years experience in the collection, analysis and utilisation of spatial data, GT has the expertise and experience to deliver solutions and services that leverage the power of spatial data to drive superior business performance. Our relationships with providers of authoritative spatial datasets allow us to combine spatial data from more than one source into a seamless integrated experience, giving you a more complete picture and allowing you to connect to other spatial services like address geo-coding, routing and address validation services for enhanced application functionality. We assist customers in getting information quickly to the people who need it via modern spatial architectures that integrate data, technology and analysis tools while interfacing seamlessly with your enterprise applications. Moreover, a full range of service oriented web services can be provided to allow you to publish information via web browsers.

GT's solutions are used by diverse organisations including government, transportation authorities, water and power utilities, telecommunications companies, security agencies, financial service companies and real-estate companies to achieve superior business outcomes.

How PSMA data is used

  • Raw data sales of PSMA datasets.
  • Data as a service for access to G-NAF for address validation and geo-coding.
  • Cleansing of customer datasets against G-NAF on an ad-hoc or regular basis.
  • Automatic attribution to searched addresses of relevant geographic and demographic information through spatial queries.
  • Web mapping of customer datasets on Microsoft Virtual Earth.
  • Customer-centric data management and data quality solutions.

GT has extensive experience in providing businesses with a range of geo-coding and address validation services and has been providing these services since 1998. We have continued to invest in our capability to give our customers the edge by providing geo-coding and address validation services to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Our services resolve common address validation issues such as:

  • vanity addressing at locality and street level
  • correction of spelling mistakes and
  • resolution of partial and incorrect addresses.

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