Data Sources

PSMA Australia develops quality digital mapping information, primarily using government sources. The agencies and organisations that collect and control the data we use to build national digital mapping datasets are known as data custodians.

The mapping agencies have established licences with PSMA Australia so national datasets can be built from data held in each jurisdiction. Separate licensing agreements with Australia Post, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Electoral Commission cover the use of the address data supplied for the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF).

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Australian Government

National Mapping Division, GeoScience Australia

The National Mapping Division within GeoScience Australia is the custodian of Australian Government data licensed to PSMA Australia.

The National Mapping Division provides fundamental geographic information to support the mining, agricultural, transport, tourism and communications industries as well as defence, education, surveillance and emergency services activities.

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Planning and Land Authority, Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate

The ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) is the custodian of the ACT data licensed to PSMA Australia.

ACTPLA brings together a range of state and local government services, including the following:

  • Territory planning—within the framework of the Territory Plan, ACTPLA undertakes sustainable land use, infrastructure planning, social planning, urban projects, environmental planning and transport planning.
  • Management of development activity—ACTPLA deals with development application assessment processes, lease and Land Act compliance, lease preparation and management, and infrastructure management.
  • Land information—ACTPLA manages spatial information infrastructure, including management of ACTMAP.
  • Regulation and licensing—ACTPLA handles regulation and licensing of the ACT building industry and of building, electrical, plumbing and associated services and land surveyors, including assessment and inspection of hydraulics applications and auditing of building certifiers, hydraulics certifiers and electrical self-certifiers.

New South Wales

Land and Property Information

Land and Property Information (LPI), a division of the Department of Finance and Services, is the custodian of NSW jurisdictional data licensed to PSMA Australia.

LPI is responsible for providing government agencies, businesses and the community of NSW with surveying, mapping and spatial information, titling and land valuation services. These services are delivered in conventional ways as well as through integrated electronic service systems.


Northern Territory

Land Information Division, Department of Lands and Planning

The Land Information Division in the Department of Lands and Planning is the Norther Territory jurisdictional data source for PSMA Australia.

The Land Information Division manages a diverse range of geographic databases, including those supporting planning and urban development, survey and valuations, environmental management, building control, heritage, soil conservation and water resources.


Land and Spatial Information, Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Land and Spatial Information, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, is the custodian of Queensland data provided to PSMA Australia. This division is the lead agency for spatial information in Queensland, it sets the policies & standards for surveying and mapping and provides the authoritative framework spatial data for the State (a Single Point of Truth). Its primary purpose is to acquire, store, update, upgrade and deliver the following key spatial data and services to its clients:

  • Geodetic & Positioning framework
  • Location Addresses
  • Boundaries (Admin. & Locality)
  • Elevation
  • Imagery (Aerial Photography)
  • Cadastral & Property boundaries
  • Roads & Built Environment
  • Place Names
  • Drainage

South Australia

Division of Environmental Information, Department of Environment and Natural Resources

The Division of Environmental Information, within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, is the custodian of South Australian data licensed to PSMA Australia.

This division provides key land and geographic information products and services by optimising the use of information technology to provide customer solutions.


Information and Land Services Division, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

The Information and Land Services Division, within the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, is the custodian of the Tasmanian data licensed to PSMA Australia.

This division provides a fully coordinated and accessible state land information service to promote the economic growth and social interests of Tasmania.

Tasmania is proud of its world-acclaimed, internet-enabled Land Information System Tasmania (The LIST) for its ability to deliver a variety of land-related data to users and subscribers.


Spatial Information Infrastructure, Department of Sustainability and Environment

Spatial Information Infrastructure, in the Department of Sustainability and Environment, is the custodian of the Victorian data licensed to PSMA Australia. Spatial Information Infrastructure is at the cutting edge of an ambitious reform program to create value and wealth for Victoria by creating a competitive Geospatial Information Framework.

Major programs in this reform include the areas of property information, standard land parcel identifiers, digital road networks, geographic names, automation of land titles and valuation best practice.

Western Australia


The Information Access Division within Landgate is the data custodian of the Western Australian data licensed to PSMA Australia.

Western Australia is Australia’s largest state, occupying one third of the national land mass. To deliver land information services across this area requires a commitment to the achievement of excellence in delivering accurate and quality land administration products and services through dedicated, professional people.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides data contributions to PSMA Australia for some data releases. The data they provide the following ABS boundaries:

  • Collector Districts;
  • Statistical Local Areas;
  • Urban Centre Localities;
  • Mesh Blocks.

The ABS has been an integral part of PSMA Australia’s history, and drove the development of the Transport & Topography dataset. PSMA Australia continues to work closely with the ABS, particularly to support the undertaking of the Census. PSMA Australia will be supporting the new ABS ASGS datasets in the future.

Australian Electoral Commission

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) provides data contributions to PSMA Australia for all data releases, but particularly for the G-NAF and Administrative Boundaries datasets. The data they provide includes :

  • Electoral Boundaries (Commonwealth);
  • Adresses

PSMA Australia has been fostering the relationship with the AEC, and has been undertaking technical projects that include the pilot RollMap project.

Australia Post

Australia Post provides data contributions to PSMA Australia for inclusion in the Post Code Boundaries and G-NAF datasets. The data provided includes :

  • Post Code Boundaries – polygon data;
  • Post Code Centroids – point data;
  • Adresses.

The data Australia Post provides equates to approximately 2,600 post codes. PSMA Australia and Australia Post have a close working relationship that includes collaboration on new projects and promoting industry involvement.