How to Buy

PSMA’s datasets and services are foundation products, designed for use in the development of any solution that will benefit from location intelligence. We offer our products through a network of value-added resellers who work directly with clients to deliver the outcomes you seek leveraging PSMA’s suite of data and web services.

There are three types of value-added resellers within the PSMA network:

  • Full access resellers are licenced to distribute raw PSMA data as well as market-ready solutions ranging from maps to business intelligence to data cleansing and more to meet a diverse range of government and industry needs.
  • Embedded access resellers are licenced to develop and license embedded access products and services containing PSMA data, such as property reports and tracking applications.
  • PSMA Cloud Integrators have exclusive access to our web services including PSMA Cloud and G-NAF Live which are used to enhance or develop business applications with location intelligence.

Use our guide to find the value-added resellers that best meet your requirements.