Timely access to new addresses

Presented by Michael Dixon, Group Manager Products and Services, PSMA Australia at GITA 2012 Conference


The daily interactions between government, the private sector and the community result in thousands of new addresses being created in Australia every week. The business operations of many enterprises - utilities, telecommunications, construction, banking and insurance - rely on timely access to these new addresses. Address information is collected and stored in many different ways, creating the potential for addresses to vary widely in quality and accuracy. Inefficiencies and risks develop where there are multiple sources and no single point of truth for such information. In recognition of the economic and social benefits associated with improving address quality, the governments of Australia have adopted a national coordinated approach to address management. The goal of the National Address Management Framework (NAMF) is 'one address = one location' and it guides the process for verifying and exchanging address information. Daily address feeds are being used to create a near-live database of authoritative geocoded addresses for Australia. This paper will discuss initiatives being generated by NAMF that will improve access to up-to-date authoritative addresses as well as streamlining business processes and reducing duplicated effort for effective address management.

View the full presentation in the attached document.

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