PSMA Australia Annual Report 2015

A message from our chairman, Glenn Appleyard

A matter of pride for me as chairman of PSMA Australia is to be part of an organisation with a mission to enable access to authoritative spatially related data with national reach and local significance.

The role of an enabler changes with the needs of those we enable, and more than ever, we are witnessing major shifts in the demand for location data.

Big data, the internet of things, remote sensing are generating much excitement. Driving visions of smart cities, digital transformation of governments and personalised e-services. While it’s not always articulated, the key that links all this data and makes the vision possible is location data.

Everything happens somewhere. Being able to pinpoint where and apply context around a location enables deeper analysis and insights.

This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our flagship product, G-NAF. Ten years on, G-NAF is recognised as the most trusted Australian geocoded address file.

Whilst valuable on its own, G-NAF’s value multiplies as a link to all other data. From an address, or specifically, a geocode, you can link to other location data, demographics, statistics and so much more.

And as PSMA makes data nationally consistent, you are able to apply data and conduct analysis relative to any location in Australia, then aggregate or compare to data on any other Australian location.

It’s not just G-NAF making an impact on the Australian economy. The financial result for the year was particularly pleasing and a testimony to the value of our products and the efforts of all staff. PSMA continues to operate in a competitive environment and to achieve a record profit is a pleasing result given the capital requirements likely to arise in the short term.

2015 was an exciting milestone in PSMA’s journey and we are certain that the best is yet to come.

Glenn Appleyard

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