PSMA and Eurogeographics

Dave Lovell, Executive Director, EuroGeographics and Dan Paull, Chief Executive Officer, PSMA Australia, presentation at 7th International Symposium on Digital Earth, 2011


This paper will discuss the similarities between PSMA Australia and EuroGeographics and describe how INSPIRE, ESDIN and the PSMA Systems (LYNX) Redevelopment Programme provide the ingredients for international cooperation and spatial data infrastructure (SDI) development.  It will also examine how these initiatives are enabling domestic and international spatial communities, and providing benefits from the establishment of this strategic relationship. This paper will explore the growing relationship between PSMA Australia and EuroGeographics by:

  • Examining the similarities between business models and governance structures;
  • Discussing the process required for the development of continental datasets involving multiple governments;
  • Discussing how both organisations are involved in global initiatives to further spatial  data community activities; and
  • Exploring how through this collaboration, a Pan-European cadastral dataset is being pioneered jointly on opposite sides of the globe.

The relationship between PSMA Australia and EuroGeographics is groundbreaking for the global geospatial community. The linkages between the two organisations and the government agencies responsible for spatial data across two continents provide the ingredients for a global SDI.  The benefits for the Australian and European spatial communities which they serve are significant, and will be positively influenced by this relationship. It is clear that the relationship between PSMA Australia and EuroGeographics delivers opportunities in areas such as organisational development and in research into, and development of, new datasets and technologies. This relationship may very well signal a new era of collaboration and cooperation internationally.

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