Advancing address management

Published in Position Magazine, August-September Edition 2012

Address information is integral to databases ranging from the simplest contact list to the most sophisticated enterprise systems. An address is easily created, collected and applied. But being based in language, the very features that make addresses accessible and easy to use also mean that they can be ambiguous, open to interpretation, and lacking in the mathematical consistency required for rigorous matching and location analysis.

Australia's authoritative national address reference file for addressing the nation is G-NAF. The Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) was developed by PSMA Australia, the company established by the governments of Australia to provide an independent and self-funded means for collaborating on national geospatial matters.

"Since its introduction in 2004, G-NAF has developed a strong track record of supporting business critical systems in a wide range of industries including the telecommunications, insurance, banking and finance and utilities sectors" said Dan Paull, chief executive officer of PSMA Australia.

G-NAF also underpins Australia's National Address Management Framework that has been adopted by governments at all levels. In early 2012, PSMA Australia entered into an agreement under which NBN Co will use G-NAF for address information to support the planning, roll-out and operation of the national broadband network.

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