Product Announcement: Predictive Address Verification API

Australian national address search and verification is now available via an API from PSMA.

Australian national address search and verification is now available via an API from PSMA.

Organisations are analysing copious amounts of data to drive decisions. To have confidence in the decisions made, a spatial dimension should be included. Geospatial APIs increase the discoverability of spatial data and make accessing it a low risk commitment, with a potential high return on investment.

PSMA’s first RESTful API – Predictive Address Verification – delivers authoritative national address data live from the source direct to the user. It can bring location intelligence to business processes and solutions.

The API provides an address searching experience with auto-complete and matching logic to find the most appropriate Australian address, based on user input, and return fully parsed address data with geocode. User input errors, such as misspellings and neighbouring localities, are corrected to the official address.

Product Features

  • Predictive address search based on progressive user input
  • Verification of address
  • Return of a structured address string and fully parsed address details
  • Geocoding of address
  • JSON and XML API response output

Predictive Address Verification is built upon the daily-updated dataset that drives G-NAF Live. The data is sourced from Australia’s state and territory governments, according to their supply schedule - the majority being daily to weekly.

Plans and Pricing

An advantage of our Predictive Address Verification API is access to address data on a transactional basis at a price designed to suit usage level.

The FREE Plan provides for 500 address validation transactions per month allowing you to dip your toe in the water, while the STANDARD plan provides for 10,000 address validation transactions per month. Or go PRO for 100,000 transactions per month. And if these plans don’t suit, we’ll design a CUSTOM plan.

See Plans & Pricing.

Access the API

The API is accessible via our new PSMA Developer Portal, where you'll also find the product demo.

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The value of APIs

Improve user connectivity APIs allow data users to access the specific data they need, just as they need it, at speed.
Deliver speed to market APIs reduce barriers to creating new products and services and improving business processes.
Provide flexible ecosystem APIs facilitate the integration of various data streams to generate insights and enable innovation.
Make future-ready APIs allow scalability and flexibility as the volume and nature of data needs change.
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