[email protected] Hackfest 2016

[email protected] Hackfest 2016 was proudly supported by PSMA

PSMA was proud to support the [email protected] Hackfest organised as part of the Locate16 Conference. Starting on Thursday 17 March 2016, the [email protected] Hackfest focused on key datasets which are essential to our prosperity, protection, sustainability and ability to grow. The event aimed to demonstrate how technology is used and showcase the innovative ideas which come from how developers interact, mash, design and develop applications to solve problems.

PSMA sponsored the Best Use of Location Information Prize which required the integration of the datasets G-NAF and Administrative Boundaries to demonstrate the power of location information. The judges for the 

The winners were announced at the Locate16 VIP Event on Monday 11 April at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

The winner of both the PSMA Prize and the overall [email protected] Hackfest was Hugh Saalmans for his entry, City Growth.  City Growth shows how Australian cities have grown over time - from the national view, right down to the suburb level. Using PSMA G-NAF address locations and their creation dates as a proxy for new housing - this visualisation shows the percentage and volume increase in addresses from 2010 to 2015.

More great hacks using location from [email protected]

G-NAF Search - Alex Leith

G-NAF Searchhttp://gnaf.agl.pw/

ABC Photo Stories Map -  Alex Gilleran, Chloe Chen, Arthur Street and Stephen Davies

Addressing the changes in NSW - Danielle Cherubin and Tom Hollands


Administrative Boundaries
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