Geoscape has arrived!

Geoscape is a world-first for whole of continent data collection of this quality and scope.

Today marks the availability of Geoscape with Adelaide, rural South Australia and ACT datasets now available.  PSMA is applying emerging technologies at an unprecedented scale to deliver an enhanced understanding of what exists at every address across Australia – this is a world-first for whole of continent data collection of this quality and scope.

The first release of Geoscape is the start of the national rollout and is a long awaited PSMA initiative to capture Australia’s built environment by extracting features from high-resolution satellite imagery.

Geoscape has links to a wide range of information generated throughout the lifecycle of the built environment. Data from organisations, individuals, applications and a rich mesh of sensors can be tied to a location, an address, a legal land parcel and an area, ranging from a single building, to a few streets, to a planning zone or a region. Geoscape differs from any other 3D representations of city areas in three key ways:

  • Coverage is National
  • Regular maintenance
  • Linkages to other Geospatial Data

As a business intelligence tool, this kind of rich geospatial data will benefit all sectors of business, providing a valuable dataset that will open up new ways of doing business. Geoscape will support evidence-based decision making across a wide range of business scenarios:

  • Service delivery
  • Transportation
  • Urban and regional planning and management
  • Risk estimation
  • Policy making
  • Emergency response
  • Infrastructure rollout

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