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We want a community of developers to put our location data APIs to the test. Register now to participate in our Beta Program. Get early access to what we’re working on and experiment with our newest APIs for FREE.

The PSMA Beta Program

The volume and velocity of data production and consumption has driven a paradigm shift. More disaggregated data is being collected from and delivered to an ever greater number of end points than ever before in a broad data ecosystem. We’re smack bang in the middle of the data economy, where data drives value, and every data business must rethink its role. It’s what we’re actively doing at PSMA. We’re focussed on user preferences for spatial data, in terms of both content and delivery.

We want our location data to be broadly accessible and easy to use and integrate. The only way we can be sure it is, is if our users tell us. We want to build a community of developers to put our location data APIs to the test, while they’re still a little rough around the edges, and help us iron them out. To do that we’re building a beta program and running each of our new APIs through it to ensure they’re easy to use, do what they should and not what they shouldn’t.

Register now to participate

Developers in the PSMA Beta Program get early access to what we’re working on, the opportunity to experiment with our newest APIs for FREE while they’re in beta, and to influence development of the product. Participation in the program is via registration at the PSMA Developer Portal and ticking the box Opt-in for Beta Program. Those who are registered will get notified of each new beta API as soon as it’s ready.

We’ve got a few new APIs in the pipeline – one coming early in the New Year. It’s based on the ‘buildings’ theme from our Geoscape dataset. That’s data about every building in Australia. It’s big and we’re excited.

We’re in an age of data-as-a-service and PSMA is focussed on integrating into the data economy. Location data should be included in all systems development, because everything happens somewhere, and we’re looking to make that as easy as possible to achieve. APIs enable it and developers take it to end users through new solutions and improved business processes.

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Questions about the PSMA Beta Program can be directed to [email protected].

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