PSMA Australia offers a national asset of quality spatial information derived from authoritative data sources.


PSMA Australia provides location data that is reliable, authoritative and accessible.

We source geospatial information from trusted sources. We curate the data into authoritative products that are being widely used by business and government to make everyday decisions.

PSMA also has a portfolio of APIs for use in internet-connected applications.

We’re operating within a rapidly growing data economy, which is increasingly reliant on high-quality location data to drive business and government outcomes.

Our purpose

An unlisted company limited by shares, PSMA Australia Limited is owned by all the governments of Australia.

From our inception in 1992 and subsequent establishment as a company in 2001, PSMA provides an independent and self-funded means for Australian governments to collaborate on national geospatial matters to provide fundamental infrastructure for a digital world.

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Our data and channels

Most of our datasets are updated every 90 days.

We also produce datasets for use in mobile applications and internet-connected devices, including Internet of Things applications and services. These require a different production pipeline to ensure quality and accuracy.

Data is mainly distributed to the market by our expert value-added resellers, by PSMA Cloud and APIs.

Our influence

We’re leaders in geospatial technology, data quality and disruption.

We regularly engage and consult with:

  • local geospatial and tech industries
  • private sector businesses
  • government and ministers at all levels
  • peak industry bodies
  • research institutions
  • global peers, including our sister organisations around the world.

We share information, collaborate on technology and negotiate agreements with governments and government bodies such as Eurographics, CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) and the Pan-American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH).

Our data management processes have been trialled in Europe and we played a key role in negotiating a data-sharing agreement covering Australia, the Americas and Europe.

Our awards

We've been recognised with:  

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