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In the last couple of years, the demand for location data has grown exponentially, as has the amount of data generated.

To continue to facilitate value to be derived from our datasets and enable every organisation that wants to leverage the power of location intelligence the opportunity to do so, PSMA developed a cloud-based services platform, PSMA Cloud.

PSMA Cloud is designed to facilitate access to PSMA’s data and cost-effectively and easily integrate this data to existing systems and applications, regardless of industry, expertise or budget.

There are three components to PSMA Cloud:

  • Address verification and geocoding services
  • Query PSMA location data over the internet
  • Link to third party data e.g. open datasets, ABS demographics or your own database

PSMA Cloud cuts through the barriers to organisations adopting location thinking.

The straightforward system design and functional capability allows for rapid rollout and uptake into any business.

You choose what you want to integrate, leveraging the scalability, reliability and optimisation that a cloud-based platform provides.

PSMA Cloud brochure [PDF]


Award-winning technology

PSMA Cloud has been recognised by the following awards for excellence:

  • 2012 URISA Exemplary Systems in Government (ESIG) Award in the Enterprise Systems Category
  • 2012 Geospatial World Policy Award for Exemplary Implementation of Geospatial Policies and Programs
  • 2012 GITA Excellence Award



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How to buy

PSMA datasets can be purchased through our resellers. Full access resellers may licence raw PSMA data to third parties and embed the data within a product or service. Embedded access resellers may only embed PSMA data within a product or service.


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