Postcode Boundaries

Postcodes are integral to mailing addresses and are used in a wide range of spatial aggregation and analysis activities.


The Postcode Boundaries dataset is the definitive set of postcodes developed by Australia Post and PSMA Australia. It includes two data layers, postcode boundaries (polygon data) and postcode centroids (point data).


Better service delivery

Many organisations rely on address databases for the delivery of effective and efficient services as well as for dealings with suppliers, customers and stakeholders. Organisations can use Postcode Boundaries to pinpoint and verify addresses within a boundary to reduce data duplication and increase database accuracy.

Location finder

Postcode Boundaries can be used to show internet or mobile phone users an array of established services in the nearest suburb. For example, show me my nearest Medicare Service Point with the street address and maps returned almost immediately to a computer or mobile.


Social, demographic, economic and environment data can be combined with the Administrative Boundaries dataset to build profiles of suburbs and wider areas. These profiles assist in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of service development, promotion and delivery.

Emergency response

Fast incident response depends on knowing the exact location of the emergency. Postcode Boundaries can be used in conjunction with G-NAF, Australia’s authoritative Geocoded National Address File to verify addresses for 000 calls and help to reduce response times.

Policy development

The Postcode Boundaries dataset allows government agencies to develop more accurate demographic and socio-economic analysis.

From Census analysis to Centrelink support to transport and regional development, Postcode Boundaries supports a range of government policy development activities.

Data sources

The Postcodes Boundaries data is owned by Australia Post. The dataset is updated on a quarterly cycle in partnership with PSMA Australia and using PSMA Data in the development process.

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