Reading Hour 2012

PSMA Australia’s Chief Executive Office is a CEO Champion of the Reading Hour in the ACT.

How will you celebrate ‘The Reading Hour’?

Mark the 25th of August on your calendar and start thinking about how you can celebrate the joy of reading with your family, work colleagues or your friends.

’The Reading Hour’ concept, an initiative of the National Year of Reading, is similar to ‘Earth Hour’ and a call to action for all Australians to talk about and celebrate the importance of reading.

Get behind this important initiative and start thinking of fun ways to celebrate. Be it reading together as a family, listening to an audio book, watching a movie with subtitles, cooking from a recipe, karaoke with friends – think outside the box!

It doesn’t matter what you read – as long as you find it interesting and engaging.

Reading is a skill for life, it can make you feel good about yourself and it can enable you to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

For parents, sharing a book with your child for 10 minutes a day, an hour a week will give your child the best chance of becoming a good reader. For adults, reading a book is a great way to restore work-life balance.

Young children

We know it’s not always possible for parents to share a book at bedtime with their children, but if you can manage 10 minutes most nights, your child will have the best chance of becoming a good reader, with all the social and educational benefits that brings.

Most of our brain development happens between birth and three years of age, so it’s not enough to assume that your children will learn to read when they get to school. Parents need to share stories and rhymes right from day one – and a good way of doing this is to join one of the many Story Time or Giggle & Wiggle sessions at your local Canberra library.

For school aged children

Children can enjoy being read to at bedtime for many years – it’s not just for very young children. Reading together helps families to connect, to reflect on the day and explore ideas. If your child would prefer to read independently, set aside time for them to read before bed (and before they get too tired). Allowing ten to twenty minutes on most days will develop good reading habits and bring social and educational benefits.

For adults

Reading a book is a great way to restore some of that work-life balance, to keep your mind sharp, improve analytical thinking and writing skills, and increase your vocabulary. Take a break with a book at lunchtime, set aside time to read before bed, or get together with friends to read and talk about your favourite books.

Your local library is a great place to get ideas about books to read, to join a book club, or to hear from authors, experts and other book lovers. Libraries are also a perfect space to visit in your lunch hour to read a book, the newspaper or a magazine. Setting aside reading time before bedtime can help you to relax and reduce stress.

How will you celebrate?

Share your plans for ‘The Reading Hour’ with the rest of the community on The Libraries ACT facebook page

What’s on at the Library?

In the lead up to the Reading hour Libraries ACT will host a number of great events for the kids.

For more information or to find out what else is happening in the ACT and across the country visit or call 6205 9000